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So, uh. Long time no chat, right?

I mostly wanted to tell you guys that I did this thing because I have a friend who wants to try their hand at writing something every day to get their words out and see what it sparks and I jokingly offered to send them a prompt every day?

And then I realized it was actually a pretty decent idea (sometimes I work better from prompts) and I decided to take a page out of Kelly Sue Deconnick’s book and get myself one of those remind 101 things like she does for #bitchesgetshitdone.

So, if you’d like to sign up for a daily prompt (it may be something as simple as a word or even a song lyric and some days it may be a person a/person b prompt, idk, we’ll see!), just text @prompt to 704-771-1235 and confirm a few things (usually it just wants your name) and you’re officially signed up for daily prompts! This is, by the way, totally free and I’ve not noticed any charges on my phone bill or anything like that.

[ profile] verbosewrdsmith and I were talking and said that it kind of reminds us of those prompt tables we used to do around here? And, like, I miss bandom sometimes. I miss bandom so much that I'm. currently in the process of finishing up an old bandom fic? YEAH, I DON'T EVEN KNOW. I HAVEN'T WORKED ON THE THING SINCE 2011 AND ALL OF A SUDDEN, WHAM, INSPIRED.

So, that's a thing.

But yeah, sign up if you'd like - for those of you who are unsure about being outside the US, uhhh, [ profile] seratonation signed up last night so you might wanna ask them before you ask me? I'm not 100% on the whole thing BUT otherwise, how are you guys?
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SO! I haven't posted here in a while because I'm lazy, really. I'm located over on Tumblr now, for the most part (same name!) and while I miss the comment threads here on LJ, I like a lot more of the platform for Tumblr? Especially for fandomy things.

But! Life-update, yes?

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SO! Friday was my birthday and it was a really chill, laid back kind of day which was nice.

Myself, [ profile] xandri, Dean (xandri's roomie), [ profile] artmusicsoul, and my Mom and Gramma all went out to eat at a place in NoDa (North Davidson) which was AMAZING, unf, god. FOOOOOOOD.

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I'm gonna be sitting up at social services tomorrow for god knows how long, so I'm looking for some prompts.

I'm basically wanting prompts for any and all things, seriously. At this point, I'm not gonna be choosy.

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1.) My English exam was today and I feel really confident about doing decently on it. My essays are always pretty decent, so I should make at least a low A or a really high B. Which is fucking awesome. 1 exam down, 3 to go!

2.) There is new Frank Turner for my ears. I finally settled down tonight to listen to his new album Tape Deck Heart on Spotify and OH MAN, IT'S GOOD. It's different than I was expecting, but still really organic.

3.) I am, however, still helplessly addicted to Fall Out Boy's Save Rock and Roll. There's a lyric on there, from Miss Missing You that made me burst out into tears when I first heard it. That's the Sometimes before it gets better
The darkness gets bigger
The person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger
and I'm really thinking about the first two lines as a compliment to the lyrics I want on the inside of one of my arms. I'm wanting 'I found heaven in hard times' on one arm and then maybe 'sometimes before it gets better, the darkness gets better' on the other. I like the symmetry of them, but also the difference in the messages. I've got Sean's writing for the Empires lyrics, but I'm debating about who I should have write the FOB lyrics. I'm thinking I might have a couple of friends write something. Either way, planning body art makes me super happy.
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1.) It's a sort of happy thing in that I've got my English exam tomorrow. On one hand, YAY, because I'll finally be done. But on the other hand, I'll still have my History class to contend with until, like, next Thursday. Which isn't bad or anything, just frustrating. But, still, one class down, 3 to go before this semester is over!

2.) I've got some video of Molly being a PRECIOUS DORK about the garbage can that I'm gonna put up soon because oh god, her big stupid fuzzy self. ♥

3.) In recent months, I've slowly started wanting more make-up that's suited for me, rather than stuff I was given? I have a decent supply of eye-shadow that I love (which is handy when you and your Mom have nearly the same eye color and such), but I wanted some lipstick like burning. I've always had glosses, and I've never used them because they tend to get goopy way too fast. So the other day, I was out and about at CVS and I found a shade that I really liked and it was on sale? It's Covergirl's 'Spellbound' and it is GORGEOUS. I'm in love with, uh, have a picture. XD

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1.) I spent all day pretty much devouring Avengers fic for no reason what-so-ever. I woke up with a headache that I ended up napping through so now I'm a little worried I won't actually sleep tonight, but oh well. Once it went away, I pretty much curled up on the couch and read fic allll day again. In between that and slightly organizing my closet, it was a nice, low-key day. Gramma and I didn't bitch at each other once and it was...nice. It was really nice.

2.) I'm almost done with this semester! I'm ready for it to be over with because it's kind of killed me a little this semester. The stress of everything with my job, my unemployment, on top of school stuff, I've been really burned out. I've felt better about it, but I'm still not 100%. But the end is in sight and then, like, a day after my last class I WILL HAVE IRON MAN 3. *___*

3.) I've GOT to finish up some pouches and bags that I said I'd make before everything sort of blew up. I'm looking forward to it, but in the way that I know I'll be fine once I get started. But I have yoga tomorrow evening, in which one of my classmates is bringing me info about a possible job. I'm excited, but nervous about that? Because I would love to work with people in that capacity, in so much as helping them figure out healthy coping skills, because I know that I've had to figure it out on my own. So, tomorrow should be a pretty decent day!
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1.) I basically did fuck all today and it was fabulous. I've been curled up on the couch playing computer games, 'cause why not, right?

2.) I know what classes I wanna sign up for, but it'll depend on availability and such. I'll do that on Tuesday. Tomorrow, however, Gramma and I are going up to Social Services to apply for food stamps in the hopes that we can get SOME assistance. Moving was a good thing, and it really was, but the cost of living is far greater. We've got a fabulous deal on an amazing house, but it still leaves us struggling from time to time - especially when I only get 86 dollars a week from unemployment and everything. So we're hoping that we can get something to at least get us through.

3.) There is going to be new Game of Thrones and new Vikings. LAGERTHA, MY QUEEN. *_____* Also, I have the hugest crush on Ragnar. DUDE, THOSE EYES. Seriously, hello, sir. Also Bjorn is the best/worst little shit and I love him and Athelstan interacting in the way they do, ahahaha!
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Today was a good day. :-)

1.) My hearing was this morning. After spending 15 minutes with my unemployment officer attempting to get Jane - the former boss - on the phone to no avail, we were finally able to get her son, Jeremy on the phone. He then told us that Jane wasn't in and WOULD NOT BE IN UNTIL 3 OR 4PM. You know what that means?

Well, what that means is that the employer did not show and thus forfeit the hearing. It means that the claim was dismissed and I'm in the clear. It also means that she can NOT open up another appeal and cannot try anything like this again because she did not show. I'M SO RELIEVED AND HAPPY AND JESUS, I WISH I WAS A FLY ON THE WALL FOR WHEN THAT BITCH CALLED THE UNEMPLOYMENT GUY. AHAHAHAHAH, SUCK IT.

Ahem. Anyways. Yes.

2.) I actually have really fabulous classmates? I had dismissed a few of them because they NEVER SHUT THE FUCK UP while our teacher was talking, which was frustrating. However, as it's gone on, they've become far more tolerable and I've made tentative friends with them. I'd been talking about the issues with this unemployment thing and when I walked in, they were IMMEDIATELY like HOW DID IT GO, ARE YOU OKAY, WHAT'S UP? And I just. Stood there and told them what went on and all of them were so genuinely happy and lovely?

I didn't expect that. I think that I don't expect much from my classmates which is sad, but dude, the idiotic conversations I have heard have been frustrating. But as it's gone on, it's gotten better. And they were just so nice and happy and I may or may not have kind of started crying.

3.) It was a lovely day and I'm really lucky to have the friends I have in my life and the last few weeks, I'm sure I've tried their patience and through that, they've been fabulously supportive and that goes for all of you as well. I am just. I am in an overwhelming place of gratitude and love for you guys. It's kind of like today pulled the cork of everything I've been shoving down. Mostly, everything positive.

So today was, in fact, a very good day.
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1.) Tomorrow this stress bullshit will be over. It'll be over tomorrow morning and I'm trying to not let my nerves get me to this point of feeling sick. But tomorrow, that's it.

2.) A woman in my Yoga class is going to be bring me some information about a possible job that works with people suffering from depression and anxiety and helping them find healthy ways to cope. It sounds, honestly, tailor-made for me and I'm excited about the prospect but also trying to not get my hopes up.

3.) These photos that were recently taken when I got to see my LOVELY [ profile] fictionalfaerie last week:
Cut to spare the F-list, 'cause the pictures are kind of large. XD )
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[ profile] rsadelle does this meme every November where she gives thanks for something every single day. I've always liked it and I think that as I'm dealing with everything right now, it's something that I want to modify for myself.

So I'm going to try and post 3 happy things per day because at least I can start realizing the good in my bad days.

1.) My research paper of DOOOOOOM was turned in today. I was worried about it and then I got to class and not only was I one of five students present but we were five out of the normal fifteen. Which made me laugh. So, I mean. Yeah. But I finished it, I edited, and I turned it in today and that was fucking awesome.

2.) Yoga! I started going to Yoga 3 weeks ago, now. I needed something for myself and I needed something to help me meet and talk to people. Plus, I found a local studio that was cheap (5 bucks a session!) and around 5 minutes away from me. WIN. I've not been as smooth in transitioning from certain poses to other poses, but today, I actually managed a few rather smooth transitions in so much as what was basically a push-up. I got a compliment from the teacher, which was lovely and made me feel very good. I was also able to not use blocks for one pose and get myself all the way to the floor which I was VERY proud of.

3.) I got tons of compliments on my yoga mat bag and my water bottle holder! A few months back, I started teaching myself how to use a sewing machine, using Jamie's mom's machine that she let me borrow. It's as old as I am, ahahaha, but I've learned how to use it and I took to it kind of, well. Hm. Not like a duck to water, but you know how it goes. I've made a bunch of pouches and such, but I decided that I needed a bag for my new yoga mat and I looked up a tutorial or two and made one. I made a holder for my water bottle so the poor thing wouldn't sweat all over the floor of the studio, ahahaha. But they turned out pretty cute and are exceptionally handy.

So yes, happy things in the middle of a mostly crap day. And I actually feel better for talking about them.
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I'm terrified of Thursday.

Cut to spare your F-list )

So, if you guys had been wondering just what exactly I'd been dealing with. All of that, on top of writing a 15-20 page paper. I just. If I can just get through Thursday, no matter the outcome, it'll be okay.

Right? :-/
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So, ahahahahaahahahahhhahaaha, my Mom has a tumblr now!


She's going by MayQueen71 on there and because I'm mostly amused, but mostly not wanting her to find me, I'm debating about a name change over there. SO, UH, YEAH.

I dunno what it is, yet. I'm thinking SpillTheSunshine517 or something? IDK.



*She isn't going to give three fucks at what she sees and/or finds, but, uh. Still. It's weird but fucking hilarious.
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So I've noticed something over the last few months and I don't know how I feel about it?

The longer this semester goes on, the more I realize that I'm actually kind of burnt out on school? I have limited interest and limited drive in working on everything and it worries me.

I dunno. I know that I have a timeline due tomorrow morning that I haven't done, I know that at least my giant paper of DOOM is done, I know that I have got to get better about messing with my music class before I fail the stupid thing.

I've gotta look up dates as to when to register for classes in the fall semester and I've GOT to file my taxes (Mom and I file together, because it often works out that collectively, we end up with more) so I can get my financial aid settled and everything.

But otherwise. I just have exceptionally limited drive for everything so I just kind of have to...idk, push through and get it done.
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I'm getting really tired of getting shat on.

I feel like for every step forward I take, I get shoved back five. I can't fucking win for losing. I'm tired of it.

Fingers fucking crossed that my former boss contesting my benefits doesn't mean I won't get this week's benefits 'cause I need gas and I have to get to school tomorrow and Thursday. My grandmother thinks she's a fucking gift for advice after telling me "don't let it worry you" about my upcoming hearing with the unemployment people on the 18th.

I got to spend time with Jamie and Jeff today, which was lovely and I miss them like a hole cut out of my side. I get to see [ profile] fictionalfaerie sometime on Wednesday and that's fabulous. But I have this fucking rain cloud just hanging over my head from waiting for this fucking unemployment hearing.

I can barely keep food down and any food I keep down, ends up making my stomach just ache because of the stress. I'm just so tired...tired of crying, tired of being stressed. I wanna sleep for three days and not worry about anything but myself. I want my stomach to stop hurting and I think I really just want my mother and grandmother telling me that there's no sense in worrying because the worst that can happen is they rescind my benefits.

Yeah, that is the worst. But that's not taking into account the consequences of my benefits being rescinded. I just.

Mentally exhausted all over again.
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So this fic hasn't seen the light of day since at least 2010. Uh, yeah.

Also, remember that fic I wrote about the small-town AU? Called Tiger Hammock? This one to be exact. Basically, this is an AU of THAT AU, 'cause that's how I'm gonna roll.

Basically, all you need to know is that Kevin lives in a place called Tiger Hammock in Florida (which is, in fact, a real place) and he lives by himself but occasionally produces albums. Bill Beckett is a giant Kevin Jonas fan here. Because it's my universe and what I say goes.

Anyways, I cleaned it up, finished it up and decided to post it! XD (the end is SUPER sappy, 'cause I don't care.)

Title: In The Quiet, In The Crowd
Pairing(s): Mike/Kevin
Rating: PG-15ish
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Title comes from Where Are You Now by Mumford & Sons!
Word Count: 4,485 (JESUS CHRIST, WHAT.)

Summary: Mike holds onto his tea, wondering when he became so invested in the opinion of this guy he barely knows.

Read More... )
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Well, my day turned from great to kind of crappy. I finished my paper FUCK YEAH, but I got a packet from the unemployment people stating that my former boss had appealed my benefits. What this this means is that I have to have a hearing on the 18th so that I can basically prove that she's in the wrong and such. And I am just. All over the place about it.

But there's nothing I can do about it until Monday, so DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?



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HEY, So, you know that horrifying paper I've been working on and freaking the fuck out over?

WELL, I FINISHED IT (okay, I have to do the conclusion, but blah blah blah, same difference) and I'm WAY too @___@ over it to attempt editing right now. And it's rather long and I don't want to ask for one person to try and poke at it with me.

SO, what I'm going to do is dump the thing into a googledoc and invite people who wanna read it and if they wanna make comments about this blasted thing, they are WELCOME to. I need all the help I can get on editing because that's a pain in the ass process.

If you're interested, let me know in a comment and I'll invite you to view the document. Because OH GOD, HELP ME, YOU GUYS. I'll make you something? I'll write you fic if I can manage it or something? Please?


(That icon is the most perfect representation of me right now, you guys don't even know.)


3 April 2013 20:18
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So, I spent the night with [ profile] xandri last night, letting myself have a brief amount of work followed by a night off of working on the paper. And then today, while hanging out, I went and word-vomited about 4 and a half pages, so I'm currently sitting pretty on (close to) 13 pages. FUCK YEAH.

Jamie and Jeff are coming into town tonight on a brief stop before they leave for Florida in the morning. So I'm going to go and see them briefly tonight.

I'm going to take tomorrow off of school, finish my paper, edit some of my paper and then do my Sociology. I don't have to worry about a test, since I did both tests last week, but I'm going to take the day and finish this blasted paper.

I'm feeling better about it and less like freaking the fuck out.

OH! So, I decided that I would like to start doing Yoga because I wanted something that would (A) get me out of the house that wasn't school and (B) something for stress and a bit of exercise. Well, as luck would have it, there's a studio near me in downtown Concord that was offering sessions for 5 bucks and. Uh, I was totally down for it. I meant to go last week, but my money kind evaporated before I could even think about it.

But then I saw that they'd put a new class up, a beginner's class, on Tuesdays. Cue me getting really excited. So I went last night.

It turns out I am way more flexible than I thought, but my balance is terrible. But the instructor was fabulous, the space is beautiful, and the other people in the class were lovely. I was so delighted and by the time I came out of it, I didn't feel like having an anxiety attack and my headache was actually gone. I kind of want to grab the instructor and be like I LOVE YOU, THANK YOU.

Downside: HOLY GOD, EVERYTHING HURTS. It's a good hurt though! XD

So, in short, Today was much better. ♥


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